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Anas Nadubail

Sri Ashraf VVN, HST English DGHSS, Tanur, Malappuram shares with us the theme , Textual Exercises, activities and poetic devices based on the poem "Tajmahal" in the English Text Book of Std VIII. It is immensely useful for teachers and student community. EduKsd Team express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for his astounding effort.

Unit 1 The Taj Mahal Theme of the Poem 

Rabindra Nath Tagore is a famous Indian poet. He tries to appeal the readers with his ardent desire to depict the Taj mahal  as a majestic monument . It was built by Shajahan   in memory of his beloved wife Mumthaz  mahal . It is a symbol of love and sorrow for his departed beautiful wife.  His life, youth, wealth and power etc. will float away in the course of time.  His only dream was to preserve his heart’s pain for her forever. The harsh thunder of imperial power would fade away as the crimson splendor of the sunset fades away. It was a superb attempt by Shajahan  to keep the fond memories his sweetheart  alive. According to poet, it might give him utmost satisfaction and pleasure as it was a fine piece of art. It is appreciated for its stupendous beauty and splendor.  


1. What, in the poet’s view, are the things that would float away down the stream of time? 
Life, youth, wealth and renown float away down the stream of time. 
2. What do you think was Shah Jahan’s ‘heart’s pain’? 
Shah Jahan’s ‘ heart’s pain’ was the  memories of his beloved sweetheart Mumthaz. 
3. Why is ‘imperial power’ compared to the splendor of sun set? 
Just like the splendor of sunset, the imperial power also disappears. 
4. Pick out the lines which mean emeralds, rubies and pearls are transient. 
Though emeralds, rubies, pearls are all.  but as the glitter of rainbow tricking out empty air  And must pass away. 
5. ‘All float away down the stream of time’. What image do you get from this line? 
It gives us a visual image of things floating down a stream during floods.  It reminds us that worldly pleasures will perish one day. 

6. Pick out two instances of simile from the poem. 

1. The harsh thunder of imperial power 
    Would fade into sleep 
    Like a sunset’s crimson splendor 
2. Though emeralds rubies, pearls are all 
    But as the glitter of a rainbow tricking out empty air  
    And must pass away. 

Activity 1  

Pick out instances of similes from the poem 
  1. like the sunset’s crimson splendor. 
  2. The glitter of rainbow tricking out empty air is compared to the splendor of emeralds, rubies and pearls 

Activity 2 

Pick out instances visual and auditory images from the poem 

Visual images 
  1. Crimson splendor 
  2. Rainbow 
  3. Solitary tears 
Auditory images 
  1. Thunder 
  2. Sigh 

Activity 3 

Write down Words from the poem related to transience and eternity 

  • Youth  
  • Wealth 
  • Life 
  • Beauty
  • Time 
  • Art  

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